Frank Lloyd’s ‘Berkeley Square’ starring Leslie Howard

Berkeley Square (1933), directed by Frank Lloyd, is a sad, somber time travel movie. When you think of movies about going back in time, usually our main character is very excited about that. But in Berklely Square, which is based on the John L. Balderston play, Peter Standish (Leslie Howard) is tormented by the past… Read More Frank Lloyd’s ‘Berkeley Square’ starring Leslie Howard

Ernst Lubtisch’s ‘That Uncertain Feeling’

Throughout Ernst Lubitsch’s That Uncertain Feeling, Burgess Meredith’s character goes “Phooey” at anything he doesn’t like. Sadly, this film should be met with just that, despite it being another film from the genius that is Lubitsch. Although the “Lubitsch Touch” certainly should have been fading by 1941, what with his brand of sophisticated comedies dying… Read More Ernst Lubtisch’s ‘That Uncertain Feeling’

My reviews of 2015

I’ve been very quiet here, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I’m constantly doing reviews for If you are interested in checking out all my work (please do!) click here for a list of every review I did for films theatrically released in 2015.