Criterion Blu-ray Review: Ernst Lubitsch’s ‘Cluny Brown’

Jennifer Jones was a tough nut to crack, for both directors and audiences. Someone as great as William Wyler could find it impossible to get a great performance from her, even in a dramatic role she was expected to perform well in. On the other hand, Ernst Lubitsch dug in deep to bring out her… Read More Criterion Blu-ray Review: Ernst Lubitsch’s ‘Cluny Brown’

Ernst Lubtisch’s ‘That Uncertain Feeling’

Throughout Ernst Lubitsch’s That Uncertain Feeling, Burgess Meredith’s character goes “Phooey” at anything he doesn’t like. Sadly, this film should be met with just that, despite it being another film from the genius that is Lubitsch. Although the “Lubitsch Touch” certainly should have been fading by 1941, what with his brand of sophisticated comedies dying… Read More Ernst Lubtisch’s ‘That Uncertain Feeling’