Inching closer to TCM Film Festival

It’s almost time for me to head to Los Angeles. Aside from making my Amoeba Music shopping list, I’m also going over some schedule changes for the 2016 TCM Classic Film festival.


The biggest change happened when it was announced that Burt Reynolds was not going to be able to make it. Instead, Faye Dunaway will be the star of Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival. Initially, I wasn’t planning on seeing Network, but since she will be there and I do love that movie, I will be making that my final film of the festival.

Another new idea I have is going to The Long Goodbye on Saturday so I don’t have to see M*A*S*H* Sunday morning if I want to see Elliot Gould. If I do that, I can check out The Falling Idol Sunday morning, since Robert Henrey – who played the young boy at the center of the story – will be there.

Other than that, it looks like my original schedule plans will hold… until I reach Hollywood and everything changes.

Anyway, see you in Hollywood!

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