TCMFF: Robert Osborne to miss 2016 festival

As many TCM fans already know, Robert Osborne, 83, will miss the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival. He also missed the 2015 festival, meaning that he hasn’t made the trip to Hollywood since the 2014 festival.


I had the pleasure of being at the 2014 festival, so I attended the pre-festival press conference with him. You can check out a portion of that below. (I apologize in advance for the quality.) Also, seeing him interview Maureen O’Hara was pretty amazing.

Honestly, I hope the 2014 festival will not be the last time Osborne gets to attend. He is 83 and doing all the intros for TCM that he still does is quite a burden. I hope Robert gets better soon!

Here’s the full letter posted on the TCMFF site:

My TCM Family:
One of the things I look forward to most is TCM’s annual Classic Film
Festival. Those four days each spring are always high points of the year
for me, so I’m disappointed I won’t be able to join you at this year’s
Festival. As that old saying goes, “Life is what’s happening while you’re
making other plans.” A health issue has come up which requires
attention, so I’ll be taking time off to focus on that and enjoy some
vacation time. I know you’re in good hands with all of our Festival hosts,
including Ben Mankiewicz, who will offer you the best Festival-going
experience. I’ve seen what’s been planned and it’s going to be great, as
is the programming scheduled on TCM in the coming months, which I’ll
be watching right along with you.
Meanwhile, I look forward to joining you again soon.
Robert Osborne

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