Looking ahead to 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival

My life has seen one incredible change just over the past week, but I won’t get into that here. Anyway, I’ll be attending the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival, not as a member of the media, but as a member of the public… unless some other drastic changes happen before April 28.

This does not mean that I won’t write about the experience. I have this blog as my venue and I’ll be writing about it as much as I can here before, during and after the festival.

I first went to the TCM Classic Film Festival in 2014 for TheCelebrityCafe.com. (Here’s the story I did on Jerry Lewis’ handprint ceremony.) I missed 2015 because it was scheduled just days after SXSW wrapped. Since it is so much later this year, I had always planned on going, even buying a Classic Pass.

We are still a month away from TCMFF 2016 and surprisingly little has been announced. We do know that All The President’s Men will open the event, but the entire schedule has yet to be unveiled. The site also surprisingly doesn’t list Disney’s El Capitan Theatre as a venue. That’s where I saw Maureen O’Hara in person at TCMFF 2014 and I hope there’s going to be something there this time.

In addition to the films, I can’t wait to meet all my friends from Twitter and Facebook and all the other cool people I met two years ago. I’m so excited to see everyone again.

There’s two things that I’m really excited to see, from what has already been announced: Voices of Light: The Passion of Joan of Arc sounds like a must-see event. I also really, really want to see Band of Outsiders with Anna Karina in attendance.

TCMFF runs from April 28-May 1 this year. Please join me and we can dance the Madison together… I’ll bring my fedora.

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