As Turner Layoffs Loom, One Fan Says #DontTouchTCM

TCM is incredibly important for a younger classic film fan like myself. While I grew up with a library of VHS tapes and DVDs representing movies from every decade, the movie collection available just by having TCM is incomparable. I just hope the #DontTouchTCM effort reaches the top of Turner and nothing changes at TCM.

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postWhen Turner Broadcasting announced job cuts yesterday that would eliminate nearly 1,500 employees, many TCM fans began to worry about the fate of their favorite channel – and the loyal men and women “behind the curtain” who work to keep classic film relevant and accessible.

But one viewer decided to do something about it.

Elise Crane Derby, a Los Angeles based writer and media blogger, took to her blog to pen an open letter to Turner’s New York-based CEO John Martin, the man who will dictate the headcount reductions that are expected to take effect within the next few weeks. Reports have indicated that 975 Atlanta-based employees will be laid-off, more than 15 percent of Turner’s workforce in the city of their founding.

“TCM is a family to us and we can’t imagine a single person is expendable,” Derby wrote on The LA Rambler. “It is every one one of…

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