The Bing Crosby Collection: ‘College Humor’

The oldest film in Universal’s The Bing Crosby Collection is 1933’s College Humor, which I would hardly call a real Bing Crosby movie.

college humor

College Humor, as one might expect by the title, is a college comedy with Hollywood stars who are far too old to believe that they are college kids. Thirty-year-old Jack Oakie is the real star of the film, as an eager, privileged student. He is paired with Richard Arlen, 44, who plays the star football player who gets drunk when Jack’s sister (played by Mary Carlisle – who is probably the only one who legitimately looks like a student) runs off with professor Bing.

Sadly, Bing doesn’t have much to do other than drag Richard out of prison in the climax. He only gets to sing a few songs in the film, specifically “Learn To Croon,” which he sings… a lot. We also get two short Gracie Allen & George Burns segments, but they are way too short.

College Humor was directed by Wesley Ruggles, who goes down in cinematic history as the director of Cimarron. There’s a couple of funny bits, but this is a really creaky movie. It’s really surprising that this came out on DVD at all.

Check out my review of the second film in the set, We’re Not Dressing.

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