Warner Archive Titles: ‘None But The Lonely Heart,’ ‘The Merry Widow’ & ‘The Fugitive’

ImageBack in November, I finally got my first Warner Archive titles during one of their big deals. I picked up None But The Lonely HeartThe Merry Widow (1925) and The Fugitive (1947). I’d been a little apprehensive because of the entire DVD-R thing, but I have to say I was pleased with the quality of all three.

I covered None But The Lonely Heart extensively in my TheCelebrityCafe.com post. It was the only remastered title I bought. That film is obviously in pretty rough shape if that was remastered.

Erich Von Stroheim’s The Merry Widow is an incredible film that I know I would never had a chance to see without Warner Archive. I was absolutely stunned by the film, which I saw after seeing TCM’s last airing of Greed. Von Stroheim was really a master of the medium and it’s an absolute shame that I can’t see more of his work. Mae Murray was gorgeous in this.

As for The Fugitive, I think Ford might have gone a little too far on the art angle. Light and shadows seemed a little more important in that film than the story of a priest on the run. Still, even as lesser Ford, it’s a great film. Henry Fonda gives a touching performance.

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