My Cinematic 2012

slpIt’s time for me to really start posting regularly. I’m starting now with this roundup of 2012 in movies for me.

  • One of the perks of working at is getting to write my Film Friday column. In 2012, I’ve covered everything from the obscure to the silly, to the classics to the soon-to-be-classics
  • I just sent a series of Tweets on the films I saw in theaters. Check that out.
  • I’ve seen far too many other films thanks to TCM. I’ve also got this Roku box now, so now I can catch all that Netflix and Hulu has to offer.

Thoughts on what I saw in theaters:

  • My review on David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook can be read here. I truly believe that Jennifer Lawrence is a new force to be reckoned with. Her performance on this and Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in The Master were the best of 2012.
  • Prometheus was a big disappointment, but enjoyable. I still don’t understand what made me buy that on Blu-ray…
  • Moonrise Kingdom was another stunner from Wes Anderson. To me, the fact that it was only nominated ofr its screenplay was the biggest crime of the Oscars.
  • What can you say about Lincoln? Daniel Day-Lewis gives the performance of a lifetime here and, while I love Phoenix and SLP‘s Bradley Cooper, he’s got the Oscar wrapped up.
  • I had fun seeing The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers in theaters.
  • Django Unchained was everything I could want from a Western directed by Tarantino.
  • I also saw Zero Dark Thirty earlier this month, but it’s a 2012 movie, so I’ll mention it. Bigelow’s direction was top-notch…I’m not sure how she was snubbed by the Academy. And I love Jessica Chastain. I feel bad for her because if SLP and Lawrence didn’t come out in 2012, she’d have the Oscar.

My big regret is not seeing Ben Affleck’s Argo. I don’t have an ability to go to the theater every weekend and when Affleck didn’t get the Oscar nod, I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal to skip it. I’ve got the Blu-ray on pre-order, so I’ll at least get to see it a few days before the Oscars.

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