Vincente Minnelli

Vincente Minnelli is an underrated figure in Hollywood cinema, mostly because he could do anything and what he did well has fallen out of fashion. There are several major films of his I have left to see, but based on what I have seen, I can tell you that he was among the best. His films are marked with a stunning control of visuals.

  • Meet Me In St. Louis – 1944 – His first big hit, Meet Me In St. Louis announced him as a major force in Hollywood. This is great. If I didn’t already own the DVD, I’d have picked up the Blu-ray.
  • Ziegfeld Follies – 1946
  • The Pirate – 1948 – Yeah…that’s one I’d like to forget seeing. Although is it “Be A Clown” or “Make ‘Em Laugh”?
  • Father of the Bride – 1950 – Hilarious. His first film with Elizabeth Taylor.
  • An American In Paris – 1951
  • The Band Wagon – 1953 – There’s a really, really good argument that this could be better than than Singin’ In The Rain. The two are fantastic, but at the finish line, Singin’ In The Rain just barely pulls ahead.
  • Brigadoon – 1954 – I can’t imagine how much better this film would have been if they did get to travel to Scotland to make it. Ah well…what we get is good, if a bit too long.
  • Designing Woman – 1957 – This was a decent comedy…it was very interesting to see Gregory Peck do comedy.
  • Gigi – 1958
  • The Sandpiper – 1965 – Bad movie, but it looks good. It also proves that you could give Richard Burton the worst material in the world and he could still make it work. But it’s not Liz’s best movie.

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