News Notes

First off, sorry about the lack of actual reviews being posted here. I’m now a full-time employee at, so all of my time is spent writing there. I’ve started Film Fridays, so I’ll be able to write on older films along with more recent ones. I’ll continue to post links to reviews that I write there. Here, I’ll post quick thoughts on a few things as they pop up or about recent acquisitions.

Right now, I’m very excited for a couple of major Blu-rays that will be reaching my doorstep. Barnes & Noble is running a 40% off sale on all their Blu-rays, so I ordered the 3-disc edition of Apocalypse Now. That film has been one of the top three or four major classics that I feel guilty about not having seen yet (the others include Blade Runner, Chinatown and It’s A Wonderful Life), so I’m really, really excited about it.

The second is the Citizen Kane Blu-ray, of course. This is the first time that I’ve pre-ordered something the second it was posted on I know the $50 price tag on the Amazon exclusive edition, which comes with a DVD copy of The Magnificent Ambersons, is a little much, but this is one ‘Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ I feel like I can’t skip. I do genuinely believe that it is the ‘greatest American film’ and besides, finally having Ambersons on home video excites me even more that Kane in hi-def.

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