Criterion Sale Acquisitions

So, here’s what I’ve picked up at the Barnes & Noble sale. I’d like to say that’s all, but who knows?


  • Kiss Me Deadly – full review here
  • Le cercle rouge – fantastic film and my third Melville after Le samourai and Army of Shadows
  • The Double Life of Veronique – I’ve been dying to see this film for awhile and it did not disappoint. Just beautiful.
  • Days of Heaven – Terrence Malick is now the only director that I actually own his complete filmography. It’s not that hard when he’s only done four films and a fifth that hasn’t been released yet. My full review, which came after seeing it on TCM, is here.
  • Presenting Sacha Guitry – For some reason, this Eclipse set had caught my attention the second it was released last year and I finally decided to jump on it. The more mid-to-late ’30s French cinema I see, the more I like it. I still haven’t watched any of the films as of writing this post.
  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her – Finally picked this up after getting Made in USA. I also try to get at least one Godard during each sale and this one was definitely worth the $13.50.
  • Ace In The Hole – Well, I love Billy Wilder, so I had to finally get this. I still haven’t watched it, though.
Somehow, all this cost me just $130. Man, these sales are amazing.

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