Barnes and Noble July Criterion Sale

Well, it’s that time of the year again…a time when cinema geeks can rejoice at being able to buy Criterion films at half the price at Barnes & Noble from now until August 1st. Sure, in reality the prices really aren’t that much better than Amazon’s usual prices, but you can’t beat the opportunity to get them in a store. I’m not spending anywhere near the $200 I did last year (or the $250 I did in November), but I do still have a few I have to get. This year, I’m focusing on getting some films I have already seen (such as Kiss Me Deadly, Charade and Days of Heaven). I’d love to get more Japanese films (I only own Seven Samurai and Rashamon), but again, funds this year are tight.

Anyway, everybody enjoy the sale! It only happens …uh… twice a year!

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