Testing out Hulu Plus

Yesterday, I finally decided to take the leap and subscribe to Hulu Plus. I have until next Saturday, when the free trial runs out. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll continue, but I have to say that after a  full day of service, I couldn’t be more happy.

Of course, the reason I joined was so I could enjoy having access to all those Criterion films, including the ones that they haven’t released on DVD yet. So far, I’ve made it through four films.

  • The Plough and the Stars – 1936, John Ford – Somehow Criterion managed to get the rights to this RKO release. It’s a neat John Ford film featuring Barbara Stanwyck. She’s pretty mediocre in it though, not even attempting to use an Irish accent and constantly nagging about her man going off to fight for the failed 1916 rebellion. I did  recognize a few people from Ford’s stock company, though.
  • Shoot The Piano Player – 1960, Francois Truffaut – Wow…what a picture. I need to get the DVD of this. I was completely engrossed in the dark humor of this life of a piano player. Just astounding.
  • A nos amours – 1983, Maurice Pialat – This was good as well. I’ve wanted to see another Pialat films since I saw L’enfance nue and the two had a lot in common. Still, I’m not sure that this is one I need on my shelf. It didn’t really feel like something I’d want to watch all the time.
  • The Gold Rush – 1925/1942, Charles Chaplin – Unfortunately, Criterion posted the 1942 version, with Chaplin’s silly narration and score, instead of the true silent version. Honestly, I still found the film fantastic. I mean, it’s Chaplin. I can’t wait for the BluRay of this.

My only gripe so far is that of the four I watched, only The Gold Rush was streamed in 720p HD resolution. The other three were in 420p. They were still watchable, but if I’m going to see these films on my computer, I’d like to at least see them in a quality as close to DVD as possible.

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