Criterion’s June Announcements

So, just around 4:00, Criterion made their announcement of their June releases. I have seen none of these films, but I’m very excited about a few of them.

  • Insignificance – Nicholas Roeg, 1985 – I still have yet to see a Roeg film, but this sure sounds like an interesting film. I love the cover art for it, though. Maybe during a sale.
  • The Makioka Sisters – Kon Ichikawa, 1983 – I’ve not seen any films by this Japanese director yet. Sounds interesting. This will also be Criterion’s first BluRay not priced at $39.99, but at $29.99 (the DVD will also be priced at $19.99). It will not have any bonus features beyond a trailer, so this makes sense. Hopefully this opens the door for more of these type of bare-bones BluRays.
  • Kiss Me Deadly – Robert Aldrich, 1955 – This is the next MGM release and easily a Day One purchase for me. I love noir and this looks like another great one. The extras are stacked and that commentary, with two of the foremost noir experts, is going to be excellent.
  • People on Sunday – Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer, 1930 – This looks really, really interesting. It’s a German silent film with contributions from four men who would change Hollywood. Siodmak and Ulmer became noir masters. Cinematographer Fred Zinnemann went on to win an Oscar. Writer Billy Wilder became…well…Billy Wilder. The film apparently is only 73 minutes, so it’s kind of disappointing to see that Criterion is only including two video features – a 2000 documentary on the film and a 1931 short shot by cinematographer Eugen Schüfftan. Still, this looks like another one I have got to get.
  • Zazie dans le métro (1960) & Black Moon (1975) – Louis Malle – The only Louis Malle film I’ve had the pleasure of seeing is Au revior les enfants when it was on TCM a long time ago. I loved that film, but I think I’m going to have to see some more of his work before I delve into these two films. Although, Black Moon sounds incredibly interesting.
  • The next Eclipse set will focus on Italian filmmaker Raffaello Matarazzo. I’m still trying to figure out what to make my first Eclipse set and while this one sounds interesting, I don’t think I’ll make this my first.

All in all, June should be a pretty interesting month. There’s one I need (Kiss Me Deadly) and one that looks very interesting (People on Sunday). Still, it’s rather shocking – no BluRay upgrades for the first time all year and 2011 is still waiting to get it’s first mainline box set!

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