Recently Watched Films

Here’s just a quick rundown of some films I’ve seen recently.

  • Midnight Express – 1978, Alan Parker – I completely taken by surprise with this film. It’s fantastic and not one many people talk about today. While I don’t think it’s a classic picture, it’s still powerful. (As in, powerful enough to make me feel as though I need to take a shower after seeing it.)

    Howards End
  • Howards End – 1992, James Ivory – It took us three class periods, but on Thursday, my British Modernism professor finally finished showing us the film. Considering that I found Forster’s book a little dull, the film is a brilliant tour-de-force of acting. I have got to get my own copy so I can sit through it all in one go.
  • Angels with Dirty Faces – 1938, Michael Curtiz – If I could live in a James Cagney gangster movie, I think it would be this one. Although probably just to tell Bogie to grow a pair.
  • Big Fan – 2009, Robert D. Siegel – I caught this on Starz. I have to say I was disappointed and I felt that annoying brother that kept yelling at him to sue. Still, I think Patron Oswalt was really good…it’s really the script that falls flat.
  • The Hills Have Eyes – 1977, Wes Craven – I’m not generally a fan of these kinds of films, but Wes Craven’s over-the-top cheesiness is always good for a laugh.

    The Deer Hunter
  • The Deer Hunter – 1978, Michael Cimino – I’m not sure why it took me so long to see this, but I’m glad I finally did. It’s just a brilliant film. Sure, the wedding sequence is infamously long, but I really enjoyed spending time with these characters. The prologue is one of those great sequences that you can forgive because the rest of the film is so brilliant.
  • The White Ribbon2009, Michael Haneke – This was very beautifully photographed, but its glacial pace and lack of a nice wrap-up finale makes it seem too long and just not something I’d watch on a regular basis.

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