Oscars Reaction

Man, last night was a long night…and I only stayed up until 11:00. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

By now, you’ve probably read a ton of reaction about how much James Franco and Anne Hathaway totally sucked. Truth is, I don’t have anything different to add. Franco looked stoned out of his mind and Hathaway was her usual, overacting and way-too-perky self. The Academy’s attempt to attract a younger audience totally crashed and burned. Billy Crystal’s appearance and the bizarre holographic Bob Hope reminded people of what hosting the awards used to mean. The best part of the night was easily the appearance of Kirk Douglas, 94, who presented the Best Supporting Actress Oscar to Melissa Leo (The Fighter).

My main disappointment of the night was David Fincher somehow not getting Best Director for The Social Network. How did that happen? If the Academy wants to appeal to younger viewers, it should at least think about whether it should award films about modern issues or escapist British drama.

Now, I made it well known in yesterday’s post that I haven’t seen The King’s Speech, so I can’t bad-mouth the decision to give it the Best Picture award. The Academy isn’t exactly known for giving trail-blazing films like The Social Network or Inception the BP Oscar.

I’m also bummed out about True Grit getting shut out. It even lost to Alice in Wonderland for costume design, which was pathetic. Now Disney gets to re-issue it with a sticker saying ‘Winner of 2 Oscars!’, while True Grit gets just a list of nominations.

Overall, the night was pretty dull as usual. Now I know why I never can watch these things.

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