Oscars Tonight!

The Oscars are tonight. I really don’t care to watch award shows since I find them long a pretty dull honestly. Anyway, this year I managed to see five of the ten films nominated for “Best Picture”: Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network, True Grit and Toy Story 3. Yes, I missed The King’s Speech, which is clearly the front runner after sweeping practically all the pre-Oscar awards. I can’t really do a full run-down because I did not get to see many films this year, but I’ll try to do as best I can here.

  • Best Picture: As I mentioned, I caught 5 of the 10 and of those I saw, I think The Social Network could win. I liked Black Swan, but I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by it. If the Academy couldn’t nominate Nolan for direction, they’re not going to give him Best Picture.
  • Best Actor: I would have liked to have seen Biutiful, but I didn’t get to. I wanted Colin Firth to get it for A Single Man, which I loved, so even if I haven’t seen The King’s Speech, I’ll still pull for him here.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Somehow, I missed all five of these performances! I’m especially disappointed that I missed The Fighter.
  • Best Actress: Portman was wonderful, but I’d kill to see Michelle Williams get the rightful recognition for her incredible performance in Blue Valentine.
  • Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld was probably the most mature 14 year-old I’ve ever seen. Again, the others I missed.
  • Best Animated: Toy Story 3…duh.
  • Art Direction: How the hell did Alice in Wonderland get nominated for anything? I loved True Grit‘s look, but this will probably be another one for TKS.
  • Cinematography: I don’t see how TKS‘s could have been better than Black Swan‘s. To me, that was the best part of the film.
  • Costume Design: Alice again? Really?  The Western costumes in True Grit were fantastic.
  • Directing: If there was one place where the Academy really dropped the ball, it was here. Nolan definitely should have been nominated. Still, this is Fincher’s to lose.
  • Documentary Feature & Documentary Short Feature: Missed them…
  • Film Editing: The Social Network
  • Foreign Language Film: … Missed these too
  • Make-up: I missed these, but I figure anyone who can give Paul Giamatti hair deserves an Oscar.
  • Music (Score): The Social Network
  • Music (Song): Come on, give it to a happy number… Toy Story 3
  • Short Film (Animated): Only because it was the only one I saw… Day & Night
  • Short Film (Live-Action): Missed these…I’m sorry, I just don’t have the money to get to festivals.
  • Sound Editing: Inception
  • Sound Mixing: What the hell?!? Salt? Anyway… Anything that has to deal with sound has to go to Inception.
  • Visual Effects: I’m still pissed off about TRON Legacy getting a sound editing nod, but nothing here. They have to give it to Inception.
  • Script (Adapted): This is Aaron Sorkin’s to lose.
  • Script (Original): This one’s probably going to TKS.

Now that Weinstein is re-issuing TKS as a PG-13 film and withdrawing all original prints, I guess I have to wait until the BluRay. Oh well.

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