Presidents Day Mini-Break = More Time For More Movies

As a note, I’ve added an index page so that you can easily access my full-length reviews.

I visited my uncle over the Presidents Day weekend, giving me plenty of time to vegetate and do…what else?… Watch more movies!


"Destry Rides Again" - the only reason why George Marshall exists
  • Destry Rides Again – 1939, George Marshall – Universal DVD – Fun, bizarrely unique western with James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich. It’s kind of like a screwball comedy set in a Western.
  • Gigi – 1958, Vincente Minnelli – TCM broadcast – Pretty awesome, actually. I wasn’t really expecting to like it all that much, but…ah “Thank heaven for little girls!”
  • Sergeant York – 1941, Howard Hawks – TCM broadcast –  This didn’t feel like a traditional Howard Hawks film to me because it felt like it pandered a little too much to the studio’s desire for a chest-beating patriotic film. Still, Gary Cooper is great, so I’ll give it that. Also, Hawks direction of York’s heroic act is brilliant.
  • The Maltese Falcon – 1941, John Huston – Warner DVD – I picked up the DVD pretty cheap so I could have the two other original versions, none of which are on the BluRay. I’d love to get a crack at writing a full piece on this brilliant picture, so I’ll hold off on making any judgements other than saying it’s perfect.
  • Rio Grande – 1950, John Ford – Artisan DVD – Good and entertaining. Still, my favorite of the calvary trilogy will always be Fort Apache.
  • Summertime – 1955, David Lean – TCM broadcast – Katherine Hepburn at her best. Unfortunately, that’s all it has going for it, though.
  • The Maltese Falcon – 1931, Roy Del Ruth – Warner DVD – On second thought, buying the DVD of the ’41 film just to get this might have been a bad idea. I haven’t watched Satan Met A Lady yet, but I can’t see it being much better than this one.


"The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" - ...and they still haven't eaten
  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie – 1972, Louis Bunuel – Criterion DVD – During Thanksgiving, I saw a used copy of this at a record store and I kept kicking myself for not picking it up, especially since it is one of the more popular films that Criterion had to bring out of print last year. Anyway, they still had that same copy somehow, so I bit. I know little to nothing about Bunuel, so I was going in blind and I came out wondering what the heck I just saw…only wanting to start it over just to figure it out. I can’t wait to revisit it.
  • Red Dust – 1932, Victor Flemming – MGM VHS – My uncle has a whole load of tapes that I just have never been able to sit through. I decided to go through a couple of them during this break. Red Dust is a Gable/Harlow comedy that unfortunately has never been made available on DVD. It was actually a neat, pre-code film where Jean Harlow is never shown wearing anything more than a loose-fitting bathrobe.


"The Lost Weekend" - How was Billy Wilder even allowed to be this good?
  • The Lost Weekend – 1945, Billy Wilder – TCM broadcast – I’m starting to think Wilder is a god…correct me if I’m wrong.
  • My Fair Lady – 1964, George Cukor – TCM broadcast – Wow. My British Literature professor spent half a lecture badmouthing this masterpiece after we discussed Pygmalion. Yes, I enjoy Bernard Shaw’s play and Leslie Howard’s brilliant adaptation, but My Fair Lady is still wonderful.
  • Meet Me In St. Louis – 1944, Vincente Minnelli – Warner DVD – Now, that’s musical magic. “Oh, meet me in Saint Louis, Louis! Meet me in Saint Louis!”
  • The Apartment – 1960, Billy Wilder – MGM VHS – Yeah…He is a god.
  • Some Like It Hot – 1959, Billy Wilder – MGM DVD – Perfect.

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