Recent Acquisitions

Here’s a rundown of some films I’ve picked up recently (and when time allows, I hope to write full posts on them):

The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story – 1940, George Cukor – Warner 2-disc DVD – You can’t tell me this is a bad movie. It’s fantastic from start to finish and everyone is wonderful in it. 10/10

All Quiet on the Western Front – 1930, Lewis Milestone – Universal Cinema Classics – This is more of a historical curiosity today. Sure, it won Best Picture and Lew Ayres is incredible in it, but aside from the fantastic battle sequences, I would say just see it. Ayres feels like he’s acting in an entirely different style than everyone else because they haven’t figured out that they’re doing a sound film yet. 6/10

Gentleman’s Agreement – 1947, Elia Kazan – 20th Century Fox Studio Classics – Gregory Peck is way, way too good for anyone else in this film. He’s almost too good for it. Had I seen it before, I would have been happy with that. Owning this is not a necessity. 6/10

How Green Was My Valley

How Green Was My Valley – 1941, John Ford – 20th Century Fox Studio Classics – Now, this I’m happy I bought. Absolutely wonderful, even if it is a little strange to see a John Ford without the regular ‘John Ford Stock Company’. 10/10

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit – 1956, Nanullay Johnson – 20th Century Fox Studio Classics – My only bone to pick with this one is that it’s just too long at 153 minutes. Peck and everyone else (particularly Jennifer Jones) is incredible and the story is fantastic, but the length makes it tough to sit comfortably through. 7/10

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