Quick Thoughts on “TRON: Legacy”

I decided not to write a full review on TRON: Legacy simply because there isn’t much to say about it. It’s great eye candy and I think I might have a crush on Olivia Wilde, but the story was rather run-of-the-mill. It was great to see that Jeff Bridges had a lot to do as well. Also, it was definitely better than the original, which is also just a load of eye candy, but with a much worse story. I would still see it, though because the 3D visuals were just amazing.

One thought on “Quick Thoughts on “TRON: Legacy”

  1. Not to get too technical…
    but I found it ironic that Tron Legacy was just as religious if not more than the original was. Sure they dialed down the the programs’ reverence in the users (and replaced it with an irreverence and/or indifference) but they turned Jeff Bridges into God, the creator. Which makes his son the savior…

    except they got the ending of that relationship wrong but it’s just a movie.

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