1/5/11: 2 Epics

Rather than begin going through a ton of TCM recordings (including the two Von Sternberg/Dietrich films that were on the other night), I decided to finish watching the remaining BluRay discs I hadn’t sat through.


Gone With The Wind – 1939, Victor Fleming – Warner BluRay – You can’t possibly write just a paragraph on Gone With The Wind. I had just seen it for the first time a couple of months ago when a friend of mine showed me the newest DVD copy. He refused to sit through the intermission, which was a great disappointment to me and because of that I simply felt like I never really saw it. After seeing the BluRay, though, and experiencing the film in one sitting, without having to put in another disc, I felt like I was really seeing it for the first time. It is a perfect film and even 70 years after its release, it is always an experience to watch it. If you ever need to fill four hours of your life, there is nothing better to do than view Gone With The Wind again.

The Bridge on the River Kwai – 1957, David Lean – Sony BluRay – David Lean is yet another one of those major directors that I somehow managed to avoid. This was just released on BluRay, so I decided to pick this one up and use it as my introduction to Lean. Just a fantastic, fine film. I really wish they still made action movies like this one. William Holden was the stand-out actor for me, although of course Alec Guinness was amazing. Whenever I see a film as lengthy as this one, I figure that there must be some fault somewhere, but if there was one, I certainly couldn’t find it. 10/10

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