Watched Films 1/2/10

Since yesterday was the last full football day of the season, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to catch a film. However, the family decided that last night’s Seahawks/Rams game was one to skip (judging by the final score, I’d say we made the right call) and we quickly switched to TCM. So…

No Highway In The Sky – 1951, Henry Koster – TCM – This was a surprisingly fun film where James Stewart plays a socially awkward scientist, convinced that a new line of planes will lose their tails after they fly a certain number of hours. Stewart gives a fine performance and you can do nothing but smile every time you see him try to talk to Marlene Dietrich (who plays the perfect role for her – a movie star). The best part is easily when Stewart takes out a paper airplane and tries desperately to get Dietrich to understand what he is saying! Glynis Johns, who today is probably better known for being the mother in Mary Poppins than anything else, was absolutely astounding, pulling off an amazing performance as a stewardess who feels so bad for Stewart that she ends up marrying him! Unfortunately, TCM’s airing of the film last night is probably the most exposure this film has gotten in decades. Despite having two huge stars in it, 20th Century Fox has never released it on DVD, although you can stream it from Amazon (probably Netflix, too). All in all, I’d say the film is hardly an essential one, but I sure had fun watching it. 7/10

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