It seems like it has been forever since I last wrote anything for this blog and this is true. Not since January have I done anything here.

This is about to change, though. Recently, my interest in reviewing films has been heightened. I have been on board as the Blu-Ray/Criterion expert at For them, I have reviewed some of Criterion’s latest releases. I have done:

For them, I can only write on the most recent, newsworthy releases, but I still have a passion to write on their older releases. So, I will start writing on the other sets I have, starting chronologically.

Also, since I started this blog, I have got into the Blu-Ray game. I wrote a feature on reasons to switch to Blu-Ray here.

Once I’m done going through as many Criterion releases as I can, I will start with my other movie collection, because as great as Criterion is, there are some magnificent films that they have not to will never get to release.

The oldest film on Criterion that I own is Fritz Lang’s M, which I bought on Blu-Ray the day it came out in May. I will also have to work on updating the ‘About’ page.

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