Welcome to Dan’s Movie Mania Madness!

My name is Daniel Levine and this blog is dedicated to my write-ups on movies. Since 2006, I have blogged about music, and while I love to do that, I think it’s time to give it a break. I am currently working on Every Little Thing, a blog where I write about every Beatles song. While that is ongoing and will be finished by the end of the year, I was hoping to get this blog off the ground.

So…on with a personal interview…

What gives me the right to talk about movies, since I’m a lover of music?

I love movies almost as much as I love music. As a journalist, movie-making is far from my business…but so is music. I grew up with entertainment being such a big deal in my family and it’s something that never left me. I’m hardly an expert in movies, but I think I’ve seen so many of them that I have some right to write about them.

What are my favorite type of movies?

I’m a sucker for science fiction. I’ve been a Star Wars geek all my life. However, I’m also a sucker for a good drama.

What will I be starting out with?

I recently got into the Criterion Collection, so I want to write about all of their releases that I have first (at this point, I only have 12!) and then I’ll get on with the rest of the stuff I have.

Will I be reviewing films in theaters?

Well, I do go to the movies quite often so I could, but I won’t. I honestly don’t have that great a memory, so I don’t think I would be able to do a good enough job reviewing a film that I won’t have access to go back to. When I see a film for the first time, I want to put all my attention to it, blocking out everything else. If I watch the film while I worry about what I’ll write about it, there’s no way I can pay all of my attention to it. After I see a film,¬†especially if I’ve just seen it in a theater, the only thing I can give you is a general opinion and whether or not I would see it again.

Blu-Ray or DVD?

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck in a DVD world. I would love to upgrade to Blu-Ray, but right now, I don’t see it as an immediate necessity. Some DVDs still look brilliant and can make an 80 year-old movie look like it was made yesterday. Yes, Blu-Ray is great and its prices are getting lower every day, but right now, I’m happy with DVD.

The trouble with staying with DVD right now, though, is that the major studios are practically forcing us to switch to Blu. For example, Disney’s DVD releases of UP have been horrendous. The “Deluxe DVD/Digital Copy” set has practically nothing compared to even the single disc releases of Ratatouille and Cars! All the material that would be on a second DVD (like the brilliant “making-of” features that Pixar was known for) are all exclusive to the Blu release. Warner is an even bigger offender. The DVD release of “Terminator Salvation” is not only a single disc, but includes not a SINGLE feature! Nothing! Even if the movie is pretty bad, buying a DVD with less than half of its disk-space used is like buying a can of tuna with it only half-full. It’s¬†ridiculous and a terrible practice which will not stop, unfortunately.

Don’t even get me started on the stupidity of Digital Copies either…

Anyway, I hope you find this blog an interesting read and that you stick around!

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